Legato Ghungroo Velvet 25-25 pair belt Velcro

Legato Ghungroo Velvet 25-25 pair belt Velcro


₹ 500.00

  • Brass Ghungroo
  • Fine Velvet
  • Velcro for hook and loop fastner

Discover the rhythmic enchantment of the Ghungroo, a quintessential Indian percussive instrument adorning the ankles of dancers and musicians for centuries. Crafted with precision and passion, each Ghungroo embodies the essence of India's vibrant cultural heritage.

Traditionally worn during classical Indian dance performances, the Ghungroo consists of small metallic bells crafted with brass, delicately strung together on a durable yet flexible thread. Encased in fine velvet, with velcro for attachment using hook and loop fasteners, this Ghungroo ensures both comfort and convenience for dancers and musicians alike.

As dancers move, the Ghungroo produces a melodious jingle, adding depth and allure to the performance. Beyond its artistic significance, the Ghungroo holds deep symbolic value, symbolizing auspiciousness, rhythm, and devotion. Whether you're a professional dancer, a music enthusiast, or a lover of Indian culture, the Ghungroo is a timeless accessory that resonates with tradition and grace.

Embrace the spirit of Indian dance and music with the Ghungroo. Elevate your performances, enhance your rhythms, and immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of this iconic Indian instrument. Order your Ghungroo today and dance to the beat of India's rich cultural tapestry.